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Breaking Point


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The Heroes 04:54
It is closed now, those days dissolved So the caretaker drank the last of the spirit That we paid him We won't look back, the dust can fall At least that's we told ourselves each time We haunted that old hall. It's where we began, it's where we were born Where we dreamed of the heroes we'd be When the daggers were drawn. They rise up now, they still inspire And the toasts that we raise to the ghosts that we loved Are still sweet We won't hold fire, say what you like But we've lived every day at the edge Come what may And we won't fall. It is quiet now, the weeds grow tall And there's only the moan of the wind And the glass on the floor We moved on, we spared no thought For the years that we'd-spend fighting hard till the end Life's too short It's what we've become, it's what we had planned We believed all along in the beer and the song And the band. It's where we began, it's where we were born Where we dreamed every day of the heroes we'd be.
The King 06:02
The king of dark-arts has been stashing his cash He’s got to make sure it’s all good His investments are strong and protected They’d take it away if they could. It’s all in a bank in a sunny location It’s making him more than the rate of inflation Accruing and doing a capital job Away from the gaze of the desperate mob There’s a body face down in the moat that he built Cushioned and still in the weed and the silt The circling carp are preparing to feast On the eyes and the brains of the lately deceased The king of dark-arts was condolent and bland When they dredged up the corpse from his slough He offered the family the use of his crane And asked them what they would do now Who banged on the gates that were fastened and locked Who looked at the tower as the hammer was cocked Who pictured the days full of hope and desire Who squeezed and fell headlong to sleep in the mire Clean up the body and borrow the cash To convert it from fishfood to silvery ash And scatter our hopes on your closely mown banks Tipping our caps in a gesture of thanks. For the drip of the tap that you’ve tightened as hard As the strings of your heart that you keep under guard With the lights you could shine down on so many lives That you’ve chosen to sell with the guns and the knives. The king of dark-arts has been weighing it up Satisfied that the poor pose no threat And he closes the windows and returns to the fray.... The king of dark arts!
The City 06:15
It’s another lucky day and I get to climb these walls Another 24 on the great big spinning ball They've ripped out the heart of the city and waved it in front of our eyes Torn it to shreds with no pity as the last breaths expire to the sighs Of the things that we all took for granted, those that steeped us in faith are all gone The things that we shared and the risks we all dared to take when the beat drove us on Will I leave? We prayed as it reached a crescendo, when it sucked out the facts that remained And that universe melted and ended in the white hot success that they claimed And all that was left were the spaces in the crucified minds of the poor We were famished and dry and too tired to cry as the dead came to beat down the door... We watched as the birds left the towers, they flew as the wind tore away The hopes and the cares of so many, in the storm of that last dying day And the things that were solid and steadfast were uprooted and slashed with their knives And the last that we knew, we were broken and blue in the hollowed-out shells of our lives. And if I stay in hope or in fear, I will rejoice and I won’t shed a tear On this day, destroyed or redeemed, I will have lived where so many just seemed And if my fate, on you should depend, I’ll stand by my words and will always defend What I say, believed or ignored, I know those who live by it die by the sword... And one day fulfilled or forlorn, I will be stripped as the day I was born. What I take, redeemed or condemned, I will hold dear as the love that you gave me my friends. Another lucky day
The Voices 04:35
On the sand in the sun they broke cover And the day was stripped and dry A thousand voices rose as God knows and sang to the falling sky On the road in the fields they lay still Till the birds had picked them clean A thousand voices grew and God Knew Of the heads and the hands unseen In the house in the square they had bullets And their sights were trained and true Two thousand years had passed since God last Had Walked where the same grass grew From the beach in the wind they set sail And their chance was slim or none A thousand hopes went west and God blessed The moon and the stars and the sun
The Cellar 02:23
Here comes another one - we’re lying low How are we going to move on? I can’t see us lasting the week if we don’t I tell you it’s time we were gone. What is the point of this? Who started it? What if they hid with us here? Shitting themselves, trapped in this box With nothing but faith, hope and fear When will they come for us? When will it stop? How can we make it ok? I’m not sure I can live in this place anymore What if they take us away?
Hear all the words, hollow in the citadel Hear all the words, poisoned and vain. These are our kind, groomed for command and control Drawbridge up, don't look down, arrows loosed, there's so much fear in the walled town They came the wrong way, they're in the wrong place... See the long lines, swathes on the blistered roads See the long lines snaking their way. See the closed eyes at the shouts and the howls and the tears Collars up, eyes down, dollars saved, there's no room at the lost and found, You came the wrong way and you're in the wrong place You can't pay your dues and. you've got the wrong face So walk on. See the camp fires, glow in the scarred fields See the camp fires smouldering down. See the frost breath at the shivered rise of dawn Miles dragged, feet sore, cold now, hope burned but the fire's no more You came the wrong way and your in the wrong place We can't take you here we've got no more space We're at breaking point... Needing a sign is like you're finding a new way of life If you need a sign, then you're already gone Deceiving yourself that you don't know what's right and what's wrong Miles dragged, feet sore, cold now, hope burned but the fire's no more You came the wrong way and your in the wrong place We can't take you here we've got no more space Easy now, backs turned, buried heads, the same mistakes you never learned This is the wrong way, it's not the wrong place She's paid your dues but you can't look in her face She's at breaking point.
The Parade 04:56
He made a name for himself and he carved it in stone On the old bridge above the cascade It's still there but he's long gone to lie in the fields Far away from the station parade. She waited her life for the sound of the gate That never slammed shut as she prayed And the memory's sharp as the day that she waved him Farewell at the station parade. A hundred years later, he rose from the field To examine the part that he played To make the world safer and fit for his children When he marched at the station parade All that I saw in the throes of the dream Things I imagined, what I might have been In turn they come to me, all the plans that we made Before I marched from the station parade And she finally found him and they walked in the world And he said to her "I should have stayed Because I see the same faces as the ones that I saw After the station parade
The Widow 05:26
If you can't imagine - where it all leads I can't really help you - I can't help you at all. If you're wilfully blind, if you've shut down your mind You won't even notice me fall. If you cannot see - where this is going The one destiny - the unanswerable screams You say “this is my way - it’s the game that I play” As you stand in the fire of my dreams. When you walked on your own in the valley of death You were holding a gun, I was holding my breath And the children that screamed on your left and your right They would be no distraction... Just the sound of your blood in the temple Just the feel of the steel in your hand Just the fear of what's left in the future That you tried to give away so many times Whilst I was on my knees. And you cannot stop this - and I cannot stop you There’s only one story that will ever be told I will stand there destroyed and stare at the void And the face that will never grow old. When you walked on your own ....
Was he messing with my sense of mine, when he asked me how I spend my time, What is left there that I can define, from up here on the wire, to down there in the cold, cold fire Was he playing on the fear of pain, when he asked me and he asked me again, How could my life be so strange, up there on the wire, each time I climb a little higher. Was he pushing me to settle my dues, when he asked me to take off my shoes, He-said what have you left to lose, up there on the wire, not much left of your life to admire Will this be where I stand to fight? Or will this be where I see the light ? I still exist, I still refuse to sway In cold fire to fight another day. Was he picking the time and the place, when I was crossing the river of grace Then I finally stared at his face, when I jumped from the wire, when I jumped from the wire And I ruled in the land of the cold fire.. Was he hiding the truth all along, when I asked him what I did so wrong He said you can’t hear the words of the song, from up here on the wire, To down there, to down there, to down there in the cold cold fire To down there, to down there to down there in the cold cold fire Down, down, down down To down there to down there to down there in the cold cold fire To down, down, down, down" Will this be where I swim away? will this be where I end my day? Not depending, no more standing tall To cold fire and the freedom of my fall. And there’s nothing below me and nothing around and nothing is lost and nothing is found and no-one is crying, or angry or brave or squeezing the hands of the ones to be saved.


14th Studio Album from JUMP.


released November 16, 2020


all rights reserved




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